We help to release the strategic potential of intangible resources

Audentes Consulting

It is a consulting boutique supporting corporate clients and institutions in providing the best answer to four strategic questions:

How would you increase the value delivered to customers,
aiming to improve your commercial result?

How would you keep costs and resources under control,
making your business more efficient and profitable?

What would be the right partner to keep beside,
the one you can trust and grow with?

How would you manage the customers’ experience,
enhancing satisfaction and confidence?

What we do

In a fast changing world, we provide clients with our competence in managing intangible resources to the advantage of organizations development, human resources motivation and customers’ satisfaction.

Where we operate

Our activities are structured to contribute effectively to the business and commercial success of companies and institutions. With this in mind, we provide them with support to improve and grow along three axes of strategic consolidation.


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What we say

Our consulting approach is different from what is obtainable by other consulting boutiques. The main objective we have is to provide customers with knowledge and competences to cope with ever challenging goals together. This helps to develop business relationships, to devise suitable solutions to different organizational and corporate contexts, as well as to encourage innovation activities.