Improving the Customer’s Experience

We help companies and institutions to highlight and manage constituent factors of the customers experience, in order to have a right operative and relational approach.

The difference between a good customer experience and a less valuable one lies in the assessment attributed to it.

Recent studies about multi-sector consumer behaviours reveal that an incredibly large percentage of clients change supplier after their purchases and another important segment might adopt a similar behaviour. These results highlight a break in the relationship of trust between consumer and supplier because of a low quality of their buying or service experiences. To be solved, the problem requires a holistic approach, not limited to front-office activities, able to take into account all relationships and interdependences between activities and operative processes linked to such experience. As a result, the three distinct aspects of the service delivery process require to be aligned by the company or the institution: the customer’s perspective, the provider’s perspective, and the perspective generated by the process of experience. Misalignments in these perspectives lead customers to dissatisfaction and frustration, increasing their attitude to leave the service provider for an alternative one.