Managing Costs and Resources

Following an integrated and iterative approach, control tools, tangible and intangible resources and operative processes are progressively aligned to the operational needs of the organization and to the customers’ expectations.

Starting a development process can cause some concern, particularily if you haven’t appropriate measuring tools. A useful control system is a first step towards making your results real.

Audentes Consulting operates to make it easier to overcome functional hurdles, those that can be found in every organizational context and they are the main reason of delay in corporate development. Frequently, companies avoid what is not clear, something that increases uncertainty and worry. It is important in these circumstances to make the path of strategic implementation easier, as well as the operative context in which the organization and its employees are going to make their work, by joining activities with specific control metrics.

Defining a good control system requires taking into account those activities which can influence the three strategic dimensions of a company: integration, coordination, cooperation. The dimension of integration is monitored to provide unity of intent to all different activities, processes and resources applied with targets defined by the company. The coordinative dimension considers the context and the attitudes of parties involved in the business process, so as to be developed to produce results in line with customers’ expectations. The cooperative dimension is checked for its support role in exploiting integration and coordination, as well as in making the organization more effective. Moreover, it produces the right environment for improvements and innovations as well as strengthening companies’ offerings on the markets.