Establishing Partnership & Network

Working closely with all the company’s departments, we help the overall organization to set up and develop long term relationships with their customers, producing satisfaction and mutual trust.

There is a gowing importance of intangible and relational factors within corporate activities, compared to physical and tangible ones. What makes the difference for organizations is the way the former are managed.

Evidence coming from successful companies underlines the importance of a strategic vision about intangible factors and relational approaches, which entails a close integration among functions and processes within a company. Such findings have shown that relational processes based on trustful interactions go beyond reciprocity, implying a strong coordination of the operative aspects to the other party’s interest. In the current economic and social situation relational interactions become ubiquitous, overwhelming the organizational networks’ boundaries, extending to resources and processes of knowledge acquisitions or to professional competence sharing. The relationship, as collaborative participation, becomes central to the process of value creation, altering the way of setting connections, the relative position of functional roles, as well as changing parties to active actors within the relational process, so to produce strong implications on development, innovation and co-generation processes.