Specialised Competence

Our multi-functional competence is centred on logics, processes, and methods to strengthen and develop intangible resources within organizational structures, with a view to managing integrated service processes and to co-create value.

Audentes Consulting founds its competence area on years of direct management and research about advanced service processes. Method and tools applied are conceived to make it easier for clients to produce value. Changing paradigms have been integrated with those of evolution, while concepts of development have been flanked by methods and tools in use by higher dynamic companies on the market. The emerging issue on adopting a service perspective lies in catching the opportunity to develop and innovate both the business and the organization, through a limited financial capital and the potential released by intangible resources, to be found in every organization. Audentes Consulting takes into account the multi-functional nature of customers’ tasks, proposing solutions to align them to the three strategic dimensions namely; the integration, the coordination and the cooperation.