About Us

Audentes Consulting is an independent strategic consulting boutique, specialised in intangible resources management for commercial growth and organizational development of its customers, being manufacturing, distributing, service companies or non-profit institutions.

we foster a strategic use of intangible resources to increase corporate results

we pay attention to generate customer’s value by product or service usage

we centre our commitment on integrity, quality and clarity

We firmly believe that, in a world of standardized solutions, what matters for a company or an institution to be successful is to make the difference for their customers. For this reason we do not follow the classic approaches to consultancy, neither the reductionist view, which focuses just on a specific dimension of business activity, nor the isomorphic one, selling pre-packed schemas causing companies to experience an increased competition.

Our consultancy approach has its conceptual origin in the “service dominant logic”, which states that values comes from product or service usage rather than being embedded in them. This entails a different perspective for those companies aiming at succeeding in their businesses, requiring a holistic approach to manage processes, assets and intangible resources. For this reason, our efforts are closely tailored on clients’ reality to progressively foster organizational growth and business results. Solutions provided are developed, formulated and implemented with respect to the running processes, available resources, competences and targeted markets.

Audentes Consulting believes that business excellence comes from a strong relationship process with customers, which enables mutual value creation through mutual service provision. For this reason, and because operations happen in complex environments, our approach is deeply based on shared commitment to quality, integrity and clarity of relations. We work closely with our clients on various issues, from strategic formulation to operations processes, from M&A to marketing or control management. Our success is directly linked to that of the projects we support, to the level of satisfaction of customers’ expectations, to the employees’ fulfilment, as well as to the stakeholders’ expectancies. Our support services fit well within every cycle of a company life, from its inception and small-business start up, to the needs as a large corporation or to revitalise mature businesses, by identifying new uncontested market areas to raise profitability.